Frauenkurs “Ich und meine neue Welt”

Unterstützung für neu angekommene Frauen

Der Kurs für neu angekommene geflüchtete Frauen bietet eine niedrigschwellige Annäherung an die deutsche Sprache und bietet zugleich einen Raum für Orientierungshilfe und Auseinandersetzung mit der neuen Lebenssituation

Many of the women with whom we participate in the project From the power of hearing, to the power of actionhad the need to learn German and wanted to take a course. However, many of the women had toddlers for whom they did not have adequate care to attend formal German courses. Therefore, the idea was to offer a course in which we deal in a low-threshold way with the German language, but also actively do things to discover places in the surrounding area and to apply the learned in everyday life. So we addressed different topics, such as the meaning of one's name, the society and me, gender relations, food and cooking, health and contraception etc. We approached these issues in a creative way and tried to make sure that the women had one personal and social relation to the contents could find. Paulo Freire calls this process "political literacy". We also visited libraries and family facilities, religious institutions and parks. On several occasions we have also done relaxation exercises with a physiotherapist in order to gain knowledge about his own body. Children were always welcome, giving many women access to a German language course. Project period: March - July 2017


Pia Langeheine pia.langeheine(a)paulofreireberlin.org